CardExchange® Producer

CardExchange® Producer v10

We can honestly say we are really proud of our software.  Now as a part of our Gateway Application suite, CardExchange® producer version 10 offers more features than ever, CardExchange® Producer is one of the most successful ID card software products on the market. We have five different editions that take you from an entry level solution to our Enterprise edition that gives you unparalleled features.

With features such as connecting your card to unlimited databases, to sophisticated contactless encoding applications, we have it all. Need biometric record lookup? We have it. Need to control what every user can see and do? We have it. Want to run on a network spread over the world? We can do it.  Need a special device supported that is not currently supported? We can add it. 

It's not just about software; it's about the experience!™

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TrustIDv4 Help Guide Information

TrustIDv4 is built on the already excellent CardExchange® Producer application, and so most functions and processes are the same between applications. There are a few minor visual differences, particularly with how "Cards" are called "Templates" instead, but that is about it. Functionality is largely the same with TrustIDv4 receiving the same updates as CardExchange® Producer receives within 4 weeks of release. Not all functionality is guaranteed to be ported over. If this is the case, our help guides will be updated to reflect on the issue.

If there are any questions about this, or if the Help Guide does not accurately represent the visual and functions of TrustIDv4, please send in an email to with your request, subject line "TrustIDv4 Help Guide Changes".